One of the best Lesleys of all time. (theoryofgravity) wrote,
One of the best Lesleys of all time.

NYC crash space, & a new blog post.

1. SO! If D and I were coming to NYC next month, would anyone be willing & able to put us up for a night? D would be meeting with a networking contact and I would be, well, looking to visit as many of my beloved NYC friends as possible. Let me know.

2. I rarely think of individual people when I'm writing something, but during both the events described and the writing after, I kept thinking of susanstinson, for reasons that may be obvious to anyone who knows her work. The post is here.

3. Recommend to me some Etsy artists (or artists anywhere, really) selling 5x7 prints, please? When we moved in to the condo, D "claimed" a certain percentage of wall space for hanging art of his choosing. Four years later, those walls are still blank, and I'm taking them back. I've had a bunch of really nice frames matted to 5x7 for months, which I bought very inexpensively, but I need art to put inside them. Thanks y'all!
Tags:, travels
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